Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transformers: The Night Before

Today is a very special night because it’s the eve of the premiere of the highly anticipated “Transformers: Rise of the Fallen” film from Michael Bay. I am a huge fan of the franchise and an even greater one when I was a kid… in the 90s. Although, I am sad to say that I will not be able to attend the midnight premiere because my teeth are killing me but rest assured, tomorrow, I will be seeing this movie in the afternoon. I am expecting it to be packed even then.

I was a huge fan of the first one and I don’t care what anybody says… it was one of Bay’s greatest movies. It had action, it had humor and most of all it had giant robots beating the shit out of each other!! I probably won’t be able to sleep because I am so excited but it’s going to pay off in the end.

This will be THE movie of the summer if not in the top 3 and it will easily blow ‘Terminator’ out of the water… Michael Bay rises up again!!!!

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