Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hammock Ponderings

So I was lying in my fake hammock today watching VH1’s ‘I Love the 70’s’ and I remember watching their more famously known ‘I Love the 80’s.’ I came to realize that the 70s were quite boring and the only things that were good about it were the rock and roll songs and the movies… some of the movies. When I watched their 80s show I realized why I know so much about the 80s an not have been born until ’89. I used to watch MTV when I was little and they would play all sorts of 80s music videos and I used to listen to the radio with my mom and the station would play nothing but 80s and 70s music. Of course, there were a few 90s songs that I remember.

Why this random thought came into my head… I do not know, but it made me feel more nostalgic and made me think about everything that came out in the 90s: Mondos, Lunchables, squeeze-its, the list goes on.

Hopefully I am not the only person who used to listen to “Celestial Soda Pop” by Ray Lynch when I was younger. 

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