Saturday, June 20, 2009

Impacted Teeth Part IV

So today I woke up in a daze (damn those painkillers) and I found out that my whole left gum is swollen and throbbing… but not hurting, and my right gum is also swollen but not that much. I looked on the sheet up paper and apparently it is normal for your gums to swell after surgery. It sucks because I cannot laugh, smile or yell without pulling my stitches out but I guess that is the cross that I have to bare for a while.

The good news is: I finally got my yogurt, pudding, Boost, Gatorade and cranberry juice so I think I will be fine when it comes to food. Plus, cranberry juice is supposed to be a healing agent so… maybe that might help me. I am also taking anti-inflammatory medicine so hopefully that will cut down on the swelling.

Thank God I don’t have to do this again for the rest of my life. 

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