Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Michael Bay Paradox

Maybe I am alone on this but what the hell? I honestly do not see why people hate Michael Bay so much and why people do not like his movie either… I see nothing to hate about the man. Is it because of that whole “Team America” thing because if it is, then that’s pretty stupid? He is the only director that I know that can keep me enthralled and entertained in high-octane stunts and explosions for 2+ hours. His stories are very touching and his movies are very famous.

Tell me, how many of you enjoyed “Armageddon?” Now, how many of you felt sad and depressed when Harry died for the world?

Despite its clich├ęs… how many of you enjoyed “Bad Boys?”

“The Rock” got a nomination for sound.

“Pearl Harbor” was a huge success and it is one of the few films to accurately depict the bombing. Plus several people praised it and its filled with some good action scenes. So what’s to hate?

Everybody loved “Transformers.”

So… what is there to hate when everybody loves his movies? He is living the Hollywood dream: making big budget movies, making big action movies and getting an ass tone of money and producing even more big budget movies. He’s living the Hollywood dream. 

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