Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Personal Palm

Bad news, for some unknown reason (we think it’s lightning) the awesome crooked tree in our backyard suddenly split into threes practically overnight. It was such an awesome tree because the wind made it grow on an angle and our neighbors were using it as a tree awning and it was also one of the first trees that my dad planted in our yard. Now, the tree branches fell over the fence and crushed our neighbor’s playground and my step-dad had to cut it down. It was very depressing because it was my favorite tree and now we have to uproot it because the spilt went straight down into the roots. Damn!!!!

I guess now I have to find a new tree to relax under and watch the day go by. Although there are plenty of trees here, plenty of healthy green trees but nothing will ever take the place of my lone palm. 

I miss my slanted palm tree. 

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