Monday, January 31, 2011

Dan In Real Life (2007)


Dan is a recent widower trying to raise 3 daughters, 1 of which hates him, the other finds him to be average and the youngest is attached to him. After running into a woman at a bookstore he begins to develop an interested in her… it’s only after he returns that he finds out that she is the girlfriend of his brother. Now, during a 5-day family reunion he has to try to deal with his forbidden love. This was a great film particularly because of the performances by Carell and Binoche. After finding out the catch, the whole rest of the movie seems entertainingly awkward. It’s a great comedy drama that seems to play off an old but uncommon Hollywood story.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Running Scared (2007)


After a drug operation goes bad, Joey Gazelle is put in charge of disposing the ‘smoking gun’ that could put his colleagues in jail for a long time. However, during a domestic dispute between father and son, the neighbor kid next door ends up shooting his father with the gun and taking off. Now, at night in the dangerous parts of the city, Joey is on the hunt for the boy and the gun but dangers lie in their pathway. Though this movie is so heavily stylized, gimmicky and over the top, it was fun to watch all this senseless action and bloodshed. It had some very creepy moments but it did achieve the perspective of the young boy.

As Good As It Gets (1997)


Melvin Udall is an OCD racist dickhead author. Carol Connelly is a single mother/waitress who serves Melvin at her restaurant. Simon Bishop is Melvin’s gay apartment neighbor who ends up with a broken face after walking in on a robbery. These three polar opposites find a way to connect with each other in ways that they’ll never know… and perhaps by seeing each other’s flaws they’ll learn to befriend one another. This was a very beautiful but sad romantic movie. The relationship between Melvin and Carol is so awkward and flimsy that it slaps typical romantic comedies in the face. It was a breath of fresh air to see something different but beautiful at the same time.

The Girl Next Door (2004)


Matthew Kidman is your typical geeky high school senior but that’s all about to change when he begins dating a hot attractive girl who just moved in next to him. Little does he know that she was once a porn star before she moved and now her ex-boyfriend/producer has come into town to get her working again. Now Matthew must save her from a life she doesn’t want while accidentally getting involved with the sleazy porno business. I originally thought this was going to be a really bad movie but it turns out that it’s fun, goofy, surprisingly engaging and had a great cast. However, the ending was a little too ‘Hollywood’ for me but hey that’s what the movies are for, right?

The Money Pit (1986)


Walter and Anna Fielding just bought a new home worth millions… the only problem is that everything inside and outside is falling apart or blowing up. Now they must invest millions just to keep the house from falling to it’s foundation, however, with their relationship at wits end Walter and Anna begin to second-guess their plan of having a nice family. I found this movie to be a great simple story that turns out to be an homage to the screwball comedies of the 40s and 50s. It has a great cast, great gags and some over the top performances by Hanks and Long. All this equals a great 80s comedy that’s hard to come by.

War of the Worlds (2005)


Steven Spielberg’s big budget, special effects laden, reinterpretation of H.G. Well’s classic novel finds Ray Ferrier (a divorced father) trying to get his kids Rachel and Robbie back to their mom’s home. However, the trip isn’t easy during an alien invasion but perhaps it takes a tragedy for Ray to realize how much he loves and cares for his kids. I loved this movie because it isn’t just about the aliens but it really shows the love and affection that families can bring. It’s not a remake but rather another story based off of the possibility of an alien attack. It’s a touching tale of love, compassion and determination.

No Strings Attached (2011)


Emma is a practicing nurse who only wants one thing: a “relationship” that only restricted to sexual activity and no emotions. Adam is a set director’s assistant who wants the relationship between Emma to not just be about sex. While giving a strictly sexual relationship a shot, Adam begins to fall for Emma but she ducks out before any more emotions get in the way… and she may have made the biggest mistake of her life. This whimsical comedy had me laughing at all the right parts and is an interesting take on the romantic comedies of the new age. Portman and Kutcher seem to really enjoy one another.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006)


Director and documentarian Kirby Dick takes the MPAA head on in this funny, satirical and informative documentary. It’s all about how the MPAA works, how they give movies the NC-17 rating and force the director to conform to their criteria. It may not seem like it’s all that much but a NC-17 rating has a huge impact on the movie and it’s marketing. Most importantly the story reveals the lies, the secrets and the anonymous people that work on the MPAA bored. It can be a little over the top but overall it was a great movie.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Prestige (2006)


After accidentally killing his wife, Alfred Borden and Robert Angier become brutally competing magicians to see who can pull off the greatest trick of all. However, their rivalry becomes an obsession when people begin dying and friends begin getting hurt. Soon, however, Borden discovers the greatest magic trick of all… the Transported Man and Angier will do anything to obtain his secret. This is one of Nolan’s greatest films. Jackman, Caine and Bale fill it with outstanding performances and it’s a brilliant look into the mysterious world of magic, wizardry and technology. It tapes into the mind of an obsessive person and shows us just how black somebody can become when pushed to the edge.

Edge of Darkness (2010)


After witnessing his daughter brutally gunned down and killed right in front of him, Detective Craven takes the law into his own hands as he finds out who and why someone wanted to kill his daughter. Through his investigation, he uncovers that his daughter became an activist and had a secret life, but he also discovers a huge corporate cover-up involving one of the government’s weapons provider. Little does Craven know that his investigation as attracted the attention of an agent sent in to hide the evidence. As slow paced and dramatic as this movie is, it’s filled with great character development, outstanding performances and great story. This remake of the 80s British TV series is one of the better action movies to come out recently.

Mars Attacks! (1996)


That’s right, after communicating with earth and a botched peace ceremony, the Martians of Mars decided to attack, raid, invade and destroy Earth and all it’s inhabitants. The story follows several people as they hopelessly try to fend themselves off from the Martians and their frightful technology. Tim Burton directs this big budget tribute to 50s sci-fi flicks and leads and all star cast in this funny, over the top look and two worlds fighting each other. The effects are cheesy, the Martians are unforgettable and there are so many twists that it leaves the ending grim but knee-slappingly funny.

The Whole Nine Yards (2000)


Oz is a very kind moralistic suburban dentist living in Canada, while his wife, Sophie, is real pain. A new neighbor moves in next door and Oz discovers that it’s Jimmy ‘The Tulip’ Tudeski, a mob hitman exiled to Canada. After Oz realizes that his family needs money, his wife convinces him to go to Chicago to turn in Jimmy to mob boss Janni Gogolak and claim the bounty money. Little does he know that everything falls apart and now he is trapped in the middle between his wife and a mob war. I enjoyed this movie, I think it had a great cast, some quirky performances and a story that was very engaging. The only problem is, for a movie about the mob it seems a tad slow and not too eventful.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Surf Nazis Must Die (1987)


I am not really sure how to describe this exploitation feature from Troma. It’s about a group of neo-Nazis, led by Adolf, who take control of a California beach after an earthquake hits. During the Surf Nazis rise to power, many other surfer gangs get in the way and become disposed of. One person falls victim to their wrath and instigates his mother to deliver her own brand of bloody revenge on the surfer gang. This indie film has a lot of things wrong with it: from the poor dialogue, to the unbalanced script, to the heinous acting all the way down to the confusing plot. If you are in for a twisted roller coaster ride of stupid… give this a rent.

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue (2009)


Lance Henriksen lends his voice to this informative and insightful documentary that explores American horror cinema. It dives into the early horror movies and why so many audiences were frightened by it. It tells of the historical significance of horror movies and theorizes that horror isn’t just scaring American audiences but also mocking the thing we call ‘an American Dream.’ There are lots of interesting points the film makes about why were are fascinated but so terrified by serial killers and what do serial killers actually stand for. It’s a great underrated documentary that I think any horror fan should check out as soon as possible.

The Other Guys (2010)


Allen and Terry are the other guys, the desk jockeys, not your typical action heroes. But when the two best policemen on the force kill themselves (for some reason), it’s there time to shine. The problem is, they are given a case that involves suspicious scaffolding permits. However, during their investigation they soon realize that the case goes much deeper than that… and now they are the only thing that stands in the way between a massive heist and death. This screwball comedy was funnier the second time around. Ferrell is perfect as the nerdy Det. Allen and it was refreshing to see Wahlberg play and idiot cop. There are lots of tongue-in-cheek moments and that type of hyperbole humor that was previously seen in Anchorman. I didn’t like it too much when I first saw it, but now it’s growing on me.

Ransom (1996)


Multimillionaire airline owner Tom Mullen’s son gets kidnapped by an unknown group of blue-collard criminals. In order to get him back they organize an exchange; Mullen gives them $2 million dollars for his son but when things go wrong, the stakes are raised and Mullen suspects that they will kill his son no matter if he gives them money or not. Now, in order to get him back, he must take the law into his own hands even if it means losing his wife or worse… his son. I really enjoyed this movie. It was slow at times but the performances by Gibson and Sinise are phenomenal. It’s gripping, highly entertaining and very different ‘revenge’ movie.

The Crazies (2010)


The small town of Ogden Marsh is about to get one hell of a wakeup call when its residents begin brutally killing their families and friends. Sheriff Dutton is at a lost for words and puzzled about what going on, however, after discovering a government plane he realizes that it’s bacteria that causes people to go crazy. Soon, the government issues a harsh biological quarantine of the entire town but that doesn’t fly well with the citizens. As people begin dying left and right, Dutton, Deputy Clank, Dutton’s wife and a friend are now trapped in the town struggling to survive. This was a fantastic remake that seems to care more about atmosphere, character and tone more than scares… and that’s something I haven’t see in a long time. When the film scares, it’s disturbing and frightening. This is what a remake should be like; subversive to the original but engaging for the viewer.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)


The McCallisters are at it again; they’re leaving the wintery climate of Chicago in favor for a more tropical Christmas down in Florida. But when Kevin, having losing his party and following the wrong ‘dad,’ gets on the wrong plane… he’s all alone in New York. So he goes crazy: he stays in the lap of luxury at The Plaza, enjoys first-rate limo service and takes advantage of all the money he ended up having. But that soon changes when he runs into escaped thieves Harry and Marv… again. Now, he must stop them not only from stealing money from a charitable toy store but also from killing him. Much like the first, this one is very screwball and painful. It’s a childhood movie that I will always love. It has heart, humor, Kevin’s antics and that special John Hughes Christmas magic.

The Great Outdoors (1988)


All the Ripley family wants to do is kick back and enjoy some time in the great American wilderness for a few days… at least the father does. However, Chet Ripley’s brother in-law Roman Craig shows up uninvited to their camping home and things take a turn for the worst. First he complains about everything, then he accidentally sends Chet on a water ski ride, he smacks him all around while trying to kill a bat and he (unknowingly) makes Chet look like an idiot in front of kids and that’s just the beginning. Dan Aykroyd is perfect as the crooked, lovable, yuppie father Roman and Candy plays John Candy. Not much goes on and the love scenes between Buck and Cammie seemed forced but it’s all worth it to see Aykroyd and Candy duke it out over who really is the alpha male.

The Last Boy Scout (1991)


After a hit was placed on an alleged exotic dancer, the LAPD hires a sleazy but skilled cop to protector. However, after she was brutally gunned down her cop bodyguard and boyfriend are flung into a web of underground sports gambling. Now they must figure out who is behind all the car bombings, killings and kidnappings before these people begin targeting their families. If only they knew just how deep it went. I really enjoyed this corny, over-the-top action flick. The chemistry between Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans is what stole the show but I couldn’t help but think the rest of the film was just stupid fun. The whole movie comprised of one-liners and the romantic scenes between Willis and his wife were… stale. It’s a great movie if you just want to turn your brain off and enjoy some gunfights and explosions.

Uncle Buck (1989)


The Russells: your typical suburban family… that seem to despise each other. However, when a near-fatal heart attack in the family renders the children parentless for a few days, Cindy and Bob have no choice but to call Uncle Buck to take care of them. Uncle Buck, who is childless, unmarried and comes off as being a slob, begins making enemies out of Tia when he interferes with her questionable life. Little does the family know that Buck just wants, like a real parent, what is best for the kids to be accepted as their uncle. This funny but very heart-warming movie has John Candy being the dick that we all know in our family but there is more magic behind it. It’s a story about respecting your family members, maturity and realizing what is right or wrong. It’s the type of movie that has that special John Hughes magic that can’t find anywhere else.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)


When the world needs help they call on Sky Captain and the world definitely needs help. After giant robots begin attacking major cities from all over the world, it’s up to Sky Captain to find out why. With his partner Polly Perkins, together they uncover a dark secret about the mysterious Dr. Totenkopf and his sinister plan to destroy the world. But perhaps there is a deeper plot than what meets the eye. Set in 1939, this entire film was filmed on a digital backlot and some of the imagery (reminiscent of reto-futurism and German expressionism) is simply beautiful and stunning. Everything from the performances and the dialogue makes the film seem as though it was made during the Golden Age of Hollywood and that’s what loved. It reminded you of what a movie should be, filled with action, fantasy and romance.

My Bloody Valentine (2009)


Back in late 90s miner Harry Wardin went on a brutal killing spree when the cave that he was working on collapsed. After waking from his coma he went on another killing spree during Valentine’s Day and unfortunately the mine owner’s son, Tom Hanniger, witnessed Wardin’s bloody demise. 10 years later he has returned, estranged from the town and about to sell off the mine. However, with his return came the return of Harry Wardin and he’s doing what he does best… slicing and dicing. Sheriff Axel Palmer is on his tail but discovers something hidden within Wardin’s and Hanniger’s past. This was the best remake to come out of the 00’s. it was dark, brutal, not too serious and had characters that we love. The gore was prime, the 3D was okay but what steals the show are the actors; veteran actors Tom Atkins and Kevin Tighe add their charm to this pleasing remake.

The Ninth Gate (1999)


Johnny Depp plays rare book dealer Dean Corso, who, after being employed by rare book collector Boris Balkan, sets off to confirm the legitimacy of a book known as The Nine Gates of the Kingdom of Shadows. Only three copies supposedly exist and Corso was handed one of them. However, during his investigation two suspicious people begin to follow Corso, rare book collectors begin to die, a strange young woman with supernatural powers fights for his cause, and soon Corso is flung into a conspiracy surrounding the gates of Hell and ultimately the Devil himself. This could have been one of Polanski’s finest works; it has beautiful lighting, a suspenseful story and a great but long build up to very disappointing end. I might need to see it again.

The Dilemma (2011)


Ronnie and Nick are best friends and nothing can come between them but what if that somebody doesn’t come between them but rather Nick and his wife Geneva? When Ronnie catches Geneva having an affair with another person, Ronnie is tasked with whether he should tell Nick and his wife or keep it under wraps. However, Ronnie put into a dilemma when Geneva threatens to expose their relationship before she met Nick and how he allegedly made a pass on her. Poor Ronnie is now is quite a pickle. I enjoyed this rom-com and I think it was a pretty decent movie with a lot of good laughs. Vince Vaughn is great and Kevin James plays a more serious role but it seems like a very neutral movie meaning that it’s nothing special. Though you do feel for Ronnie and you wonder how he can get himself out of this predicament.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Die Hard: With A Vengeance (1995)


He’s back and he has a hangover. A really bad one too. This time we fined John McClane in his home territory of New York City. A crazed, riddle-speaking terrorist as strategically placed bombs all over the city and now McClane (under the specific request of Simon, the terrorist) has to solve the riddles before the bombs go off. Making matters worst is that John has been forcefully paired up with a racist African American electrician who despises white people, and that the terrorist Simon has indentified himself as the brother of the late Hans Gruber. But, this simple game of Simon Says goes further than what McClane suspects. This movie was a step above the second one because it was a very awkward buddy-cop movie but in the end it had great character development and the entire cast seemed to work well with each other. The action was outstanding and the entire movie felt like they were running out of time.

Die Hard 2 (1990)


John McClane is back and this time he’s keeping his feet on the ground, unfortunately a group of rogue terrorists seize control of Dulles Airport and threaten to blow up planes if their needs aren’t met. Their needs are to secure a safe and easy transfer of a rogue South American general. Now McClane must find a way to stop the terrorists before the planes start dropping like flies, the only problem is, he is met with a very stubborn airport security division. Despite the fact that this film is way hammier with one-liners and they constantly allude back to the original, I found it to be very thrilling and exciting. McClane does what he does best and I expected nothing more, although it may seem a little long… it does make it feel like John really has the odds against him.

Armageddon (1998)


It happened before and it will happen again. With those terrifying words of warning we find a giant asteroid (roughly about the size of Texas) on a collision course with Earth. Earth’s only hope lies within the hands of a group of skilled, but redneck, oil drillers. The mission is simple: two teams take off from Earth to land on the hurtling asteroid. While on it they have to drill to 800 feet so that they can release a bomb that would split the asteroid in two. Though many arthouse and film students will bash and trash this movie you have to ask yourself: what is it that you want from a movie about people landing on an asteroid? It’s a great action-packed thrill ride that doesn’t let up even in its more tender moments. I think it’s one of the great modern action movies and one of Bay’s greatest (and that’s saying something).

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Little Fockers (2010)


The Fockers have finally settled down and had two lovely children but now, after having a near-fatal heart attack, Jack Byrnes realizes that he must find an heir to take his place as the head of the family… and that person is Greg Focker. Greg now has to prove to Jack that he is a capable father, that he is loyal to him and his wife Pam and that he is a leader. However, temptation comes knocking when a young attractive erectile dysfunction rep begins flirting with Greg and that’s just the beginning. This sequel was expected since the last two movies set up the fact they will be having ‘little Fockers,’ and I enjoyed it. Sure it’s a little over the top at times and some of the heart is missing but for a sequel, it was pretty funny and I enjoyed it. It left if open for a sequel and all I can say is: Jack Byrnes is suburbia will be pretty wild.

Meet the Fockers (2004)


What could be worse than meeting the overly conservative parents of your soon-to-be spouse? How about introducing them to your liberal, hippy parents? Yes, Greg Focker is under the radar again as he tries to make Jack Byrnes (his future father in law) feel at ease with his parents. The only problem is that his fiancée, Pam, is pregnant and they aren’t married yet. Now Greg not only has to show Jack that he is a capable father but also find a way to break the news to him. This wonderfully crafted comedy takes all the comedic elements from the first one and twists them around. Hoffman and Streisand give memorable performances as the Fockers and overall it was a great way to introduce the people who named their son Gaylord. It doesn’t have the warm, fuzzy feeling that the original has but it still makes you appreciate your family.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Meet the Parents (2000)


Greg is your typical fool in love. He has a great job as a male nurse and a loving girlfriend and soon to be fiancée. The only problem that stands between him and proposing is that he has to meet her parents. What starts off as an awkward visit ends in utter madness as Greg tries to impress and deal with his girlfriend’s over-analytical and critical father Jack. Can he make it through one weekend without second-guessing his proposal? This is a fantastic, awkwardly funny movie that has as great cast of characters and a great rom-com formula. We’ve all been in Greg’s shoes; trying to impress our spouse’s families but this movie takes it one step further. That’s why it’s not only relatable and funny but it brings out the warmth and joy within families. It truly is a beautiful movie.

Knowing (2009)


After his son receives a perplexing paper filled with a series of random numbers from a time capsule, John Koestler begins to think that the numbers aren’t just random. He soon finds out that they are the dates and coordinates from every major natural/unnatural disaster for the past 50 years… predicted by a young girl in the 50s. Soon, he is struggling against time to try to save his son from a group of strange men, psychotic hallucinations and possibly the world. I absolutely love this movie. It has a great and unique twist on apocalyptic stories and the effects are gorgeous to look at. Mixed with Cage’s bland but confident acting and Canterbury’s youthful, enthusiastic performance you have an excited thriller.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Superbad (2007)


Seth and Evan are two high school seniors and life long best friends. On one of their last few days of school they begin to realize that they are about to be separated for college. However, they are given a chance to prove they are something after being invited to a party. Now Seth, in effort to have sex with the class hottie Jules, and Evan are plagued with the task of providing the liquor for the party but it won’t be easy. This all-in-one-night movie is sort of in the vain of American Graffiti but seems to pander to modern day youth. It’s one of those movies that I not only can connect to but I can watch over and over again. The humor is rich in vulgarity, the actions seem so absurd that they could actually happen and all of us can relate to Seth and Evan. It’s truly one of the best movies of the decade.

Tron: Legacy (2010)


Sequel to the 1982 Disney movie Tron; this time it takes place in the present day (or so it would seem) when Kevin Flynn’s son, Sam Flynn, becomes a renegade youth. After receiving a page from his father, Sam returns to Flynn’s arcade only to be accidentally sucked into Tron. Upon arriving in the game, he is met by digital soldiers who forced him to compete against other programs. However, it isn’t until later that we find out that Tron has been taken over by Kevin’s digital copy of himself… named Clu. Now, Kevin, Sam and an ISO named Quorra must stop Clu before he invades the real world and turns it into is dystopian vision. Though many people found this movie to be lacking in plot, I found it to be rich in plot and visuals. It’s a sci-fi movie from Disney and if you expected more than what is given… that’s your own fault. The soundtrack was very heavy on 80s and everything felt retro to me. Though it did remind me to watch the original Tron again. The only downside to this movie is that the dates seemed to be chronologically confused.

Side note: Jeff Bridges is still The Dude in this movie.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)


This blockbuster sequel to Dead Man’s Chest follows the gang, led by Barbossa, as they travel through the weird and haunted waters to get back Captain Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones’ locker. While on their journey, they meet Captain Sao Feng and the rest of the pirate lords to decide how they will fight against the evil East India Trading Company. Will Turner is in a bind between saving the love of his life and rescuing his dad from The Flying Dutchman, and of course Jack Sparrow is once again caught in between everything. I liked this movie… a lot and I don’t see why so many people didn’t like it. It’s over the top but that’s what a sequel is supposed to be. It had great direction; great effects and it dove into old sea mythology. It’s not a perfect film but for a summer movie it does its part well.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Disturbia (2007)


After being in a car accident that killed his father, Kale has since become a depressed and rather rebellious high schooler. He is than sentenced to house arrester after punching a teacher who made a cheap shot at his dead father. While under his 3 month house arrest, Kale begins spying on his next door neighbor who happens to be very attractive… but more importantly, he begins suspecting that his other neighbor might be a cold blooded serial killer. Especially since his profile fits that of a serial killer that escaped from Texas. This is your typical summer movie and I love how the film sort of makes fun of suburbia and how paranoid people can get, and how it pokes fun at how teenagers abuse technology. The first half of the movie seems to be more of a teen romantic drama while the second half turns into a thriller. A pretty good modern adaption of Rear Window but it doesn’t have the charm.

The King's Speech (2010)


After his brother, King Edward VIII, relinquishes his position as king of England, King George VI becomes the symbol for Great Britain during the Second World War. The only problem is… he has a stammer in his speech. Now, when Britain needs someone with a strong voice to guide them through the war, King George’s wife and queen finds an unorthodox speech theorist by the name of Lionel Logue. Lionel not only makes an effort to cure King George VI of his stammer but also listen to him as a friend. I found myself captivated by the story of these two friends who grew up on different sides of the tracks. It’s a beautifully shot film with amazing performances by Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth. It’s a strange and rarely told story of what it means to be a King and what it means to be a National icon. It’s a highly recommended movie to anybody who loves inspirational dramas.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

American Pie (1999)


After realizing that their lives are going nowhere unless they have sex, four high school friends make a pact to get laid before their graduation/prom. But in the process, the boys discover what true love is, what sex really is and how relationships work… and in turn they begin think that sex doesn’t have to be pointless or emotionless. This was a movie that was sort of in the vain of those teen rom-coms of the 80s and some people have quoted it as the American Graffiti of the 90s. I really enjoyed this movie because it was the closest thing I got to high school while still attending middle school. Though some jokes fall flat, by the end of the movie you just want to see how things will be resolved. It has heart, it’s hysterical and as shallow as it may seem it’s a great coming of age movie with lots of character depth. It truly is a 90s film but it’s something more than that.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Despicable Me (2010)


Gru is a bad guy, a villain… but the real question is: is he a bad guy? Well, in order to accomplish his lifetime dream of stealing the moon he must first obtain a shrink-ray that happens to be in the hands of a younger villain known as Vector, who stole it from him. Now, in order to get that shrink-ray he must adopt three young girls to distract Vector while he steals it back but after getting the shrink-ray, Gru begins to realize that he actually likes being with these girls. Now he must choose between stealing the moon and being the greatest villain of all time or being the greatest dad of all time. This warm, hysterical and pretty lovable animated movie is the only film that has a replay value equal to that of Toy Story 3. Everything about it made me feel happy, made me feel sad and made me laugh. The voice casting was ingenious and some of the voice actors are hardly even noticeable. I say, this is one of the best non Pixar movies that I have seen in the past 10 or so years.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The A-Team (2010)


In this modern movie prequel to the hit 80s TV show, we find Hannibal, Face, B.A. and Murdoch before they became The A-Team and how they became wanted by the government and soldiers of fortune. After being framed for a crime they didn’t commit, The A-Team must track down the real villains who were responsible for sending them to prison and killing one of their greatest friends. I’m not sure why people didn’t like this movie… it’s what it was: ridiculous action and over-the-top fun. It seems the entire cast had great chemistry together and though the action was absurd (flying a tank comes to mind) that’s what the show was all about. If you want more, you are out of luck.

The Fighter (2010)


This inspirational and very enjoyable biopic follows welterweight Micky Ward and his struggle with his family, his crack-addicted brother and role model Dicky Eklund, his reputation and his girlfriend. After loosing a fight Micky becomes a disappointment to his entire hometown until he is offered a shot at redemption. Now he must choose either a chance at the big leagues or stay in his hometown of Lowell with his family. I found this to be a great and truly inspiring “against all odds” story. Christian Bale steals the show as Micky’s brother. His portrayal as a mentally unstable, drug abusing has been was so dead on that I forgot it was Bale. Amy Adams and Melissa Leo were also great as Dicky’s girlfriend and mother. This is truly one of the best movies of the year.