Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Crazies (2010)


The small town of Ogden Marsh is about to get one hell of a wakeup call when its residents begin brutally killing their families and friends. Sheriff Dutton is at a lost for words and puzzled about what going on, however, after discovering a government plane he realizes that it’s bacteria that causes people to go crazy. Soon, the government issues a harsh biological quarantine of the entire town but that doesn’t fly well with the citizens. As people begin dying left and right, Dutton, Deputy Clank, Dutton’s wife and a friend are now trapped in the town struggling to survive. This was a fantastic remake that seems to care more about atmosphere, character and tone more than scares… and that’s something I haven’t see in a long time. When the film scares, it’s disturbing and frightening. This is what a remake should be like; subversive to the original but engaging for the viewer.

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