Sunday, January 30, 2011

No Strings Attached (2011)


Emma is a practicing nurse who only wants one thing: a “relationship” that only restricted to sexual activity and no emotions. Adam is a set director’s assistant who wants the relationship between Emma to not just be about sex. While giving a strictly sexual relationship a shot, Adam begins to fall for Emma but she ducks out before any more emotions get in the way… and she may have made the biggest mistake of her life. This whimsical comedy had me laughing at all the right parts and is an interesting take on the romantic comedies of the new age. Portman and Kutcher seem to really enjoy one another.

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  1. I saw this movie over the weekend. It wasn't my choice, but I ended up enjoying it more than I thought. It had some really funny parts, and some interesting one liners. It also had a good story.