Monday, January 17, 2011

The Dilemma (2011)


Ronnie and Nick are best friends and nothing can come between them but what if that somebody doesn’t come between them but rather Nick and his wife Geneva? When Ronnie catches Geneva having an affair with another person, Ronnie is tasked with whether he should tell Nick and his wife or keep it under wraps. However, Ronnie put into a dilemma when Geneva threatens to expose their relationship before she met Nick and how he allegedly made a pass on her. Poor Ronnie is now is quite a pickle. I enjoyed this rom-com and I think it was a pretty decent movie with a lot of good laughs. Vince Vaughn is great and Kevin James plays a more serious role but it seems like a very neutral movie meaning that it’s nothing special. Though you do feel for Ronnie and you wonder how he can get himself out of this predicament.

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