Tuesday, January 4, 2011

American Pie (1999)


After realizing that their lives are going nowhere unless they have sex, four high school friends make a pact to get laid before their graduation/prom. But in the process, the boys discover what true love is, what sex really is and how relationships work… and in turn they begin think that sex doesn’t have to be pointless or emotionless. This was a movie that was sort of in the vain of those teen rom-coms of the 80s and some people have quoted it as the American Graffiti of the 90s. I really enjoyed this movie because it was the closest thing I got to high school while still attending middle school. Though some jokes fall flat, by the end of the movie you just want to see how things will be resolved. It has heart, it’s hysterical and as shallow as it may seem it’s a great coming of age movie with lots of character depth. It truly is a 90s film but it’s something more than that.

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