Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Edge of Darkness (2010)


After witnessing his daughter brutally gunned down and killed right in front of him, Detective Craven takes the law into his own hands as he finds out who and why someone wanted to kill his daughter. Through his investigation, he uncovers that his daughter became an activist and had a secret life, but he also discovers a huge corporate cover-up involving one of the government’s weapons provider. Little does Craven know that his investigation as attracted the attention of an agent sent in to hide the evidence. As slow paced and dramatic as this movie is, it’s filled with great character development, outstanding performances and great story. This remake of the 80s British TV series is one of the better action movies to come out recently.


  1. Very interesting, I didn't know this was a remake. I just finished watching it. It was pretty good. I like how the story slowly unfolded. Mel is usually good when he has to be the crazy guy.

  2. Yes! Just the way the story was told in pieces made you feel as though you were Mel's character.