Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Disturbia (2007)


After being in a car accident that killed his father, Kale has since become a depressed and rather rebellious high schooler. He is than sentenced to house arrester after punching a teacher who made a cheap shot at his dead father. While under his 3 month house arrest, Kale begins spying on his next door neighbor who happens to be very attractive… but more importantly, he begins suspecting that his other neighbor might be a cold blooded serial killer. Especially since his profile fits that of a serial killer that escaped from Texas. This is your typical summer movie and I love how the film sort of makes fun of suburbia and how paranoid people can get, and how it pokes fun at how teenagers abuse technology. The first half of the movie seems to be more of a teen romantic drama while the second half turns into a thriller. A pretty good modern adaption of Rear Window but it doesn’t have the charm.

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