Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Meet the Fockers (2004)


What could be worse than meeting the overly conservative parents of your soon-to-be spouse? How about introducing them to your liberal, hippy parents? Yes, Greg Focker is under the radar again as he tries to make Jack Byrnes (his future father in law) feel at ease with his parents. The only problem is that his fiancée, Pam, is pregnant and they aren’t married yet. Now Greg not only has to show Jack that he is a capable father but also find a way to break the news to him. This wonderfully crafted comedy takes all the comedic elements from the first one and twists them around. Hoffman and Streisand give memorable performances as the Fockers and overall it was a great way to introduce the people who named their son Gaylord. It doesn’t have the warm, fuzzy feeling that the original has but it still makes you appreciate your family.

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