Friday, January 21, 2011

The Great Outdoors (1988)


All the Ripley family wants to do is kick back and enjoy some time in the great American wilderness for a few days… at least the father does. However, Chet Ripley’s brother in-law Roman Craig shows up uninvited to their camping home and things take a turn for the worst. First he complains about everything, then he accidentally sends Chet on a water ski ride, he smacks him all around while trying to kill a bat and he (unknowingly) makes Chet look like an idiot in front of kids and that’s just the beginning. Dan Aykroyd is perfect as the crooked, lovable, yuppie father Roman and Candy plays John Candy. Not much goes on and the love scenes between Buck and Cammie seemed forced but it’s all worth it to see Aykroyd and Candy duke it out over who really is the alpha male.

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