Friday, January 21, 2011

Uncle Buck (1989)


The Russells: your typical suburban family… that seem to despise each other. However, when a near-fatal heart attack in the family renders the children parentless for a few days, Cindy and Bob have no choice but to call Uncle Buck to take care of them. Uncle Buck, who is childless, unmarried and comes off as being a slob, begins making enemies out of Tia when he interferes with her questionable life. Little does the family know that Buck just wants, like a real parent, what is best for the kids to be accepted as their uncle. This funny but very heart-warming movie has John Candy being the dick that we all know in our family but there is more magic behind it. It’s a story about respecting your family members, maturity and realizing what is right or wrong. It’s the type of movie that has that special John Hughes magic that can’t find anywhere else.

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