Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Tropical Music

Well today I discovered a couple of new Jimmy Buffett songs that I never knew existed… and being the Parrothead that I am, I downloaded them and they are simply amazing. Some of them were from his earlier albums but I still enjoyed them, he still has the tropical country feel. Here are the songs that I got:

Stars on the Water – One Particular Harbour (1983)

Manana – Son of a Son of a Sailor (1978)

Burn that Bridge – Riddles in the Sand (1987)

Gravity Storm – Off To See the Lizard (1989)

Off To See the Lizard – Off To See the Lizard (1989)

Apocalypso – Fruitcakes (1994)

Lone Palm – Fruitcakes (1994)

Trying to Reason with Hurricane Season – A-1-A (1974)

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I also found out that Mr. Buffett also adapted a short-lived play by Herman Wouk in 1997 called Don’t Stop the Carnival. I listened to the 30-second previews on iTunes and I am very impressed and I actually love the CD. So, I downloaded it and now I am jamming to my new editions to my Tropical Island Playlist.

How I yearn for nice, humid, tropical weather. 

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