Thursday, December 30, 2010

Fifth Element (1997)


In Luc Besson’s wild, strange, taxi-filled vision of the future we find Korben Dallas… a New York taxi driver who unwillingly becomes a part of a dangerous hunt to find the Fifth Element who happens to be a beautiful red-haired woman. Now he must help an ancient society of priests protect the Fifth Element from the evil Mr. Zorg and protect the world from total destruction. I found this movie to be a jolting ride though the future with some of the most bizarre cinematic and production elements I’ve seen on film. The casting was spot on and the film is pure eye candy but the only thing that I had wrong with it was that the story and the direction seemed very sporadic and easily distracted. I wanted to see more of the Fifth Element since the story is based around her. Still, it’s a worthwhile action movie.

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