Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Burbs (1988)


After a group of strange, mysterious and rather frightening residents move into a creepy old house, three neighborly suburbanites become suspicious of their new neighbors. After witnessing them dragging out strange bags of stuff to the garbage, strange lights coming from their basement and seeing them digging graves in their backyards they become under the impression that the new neighbors might be a family of murderers. Directed by horror/comedy director Joe Dante; this film is a dark but funny satire of suburban living and how everybody can easily get stirred up. Mixed with some slapstick comedy, frightening moments and a great cast… I found myself laughing more than I expected. I saw this movie once and liked it then but I wanted to see if it fared up after all these years and it does. It’s a perfect movie for me since I hate the suburbs. It was as if Dante read my mind. Highly recommended.

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