Sunday, July 12, 2009


So, today after I drove my grandma to the cemetery to visit my grandpa and her first husband, we drove to one of the best hot dog stands in the Chicago area: Superdawg. It’s one of those old 50s style drive in restaurants where the waitress brings the food to your car. Well, I had a Superdawg meal, which was a hot dog, fries and a drink, and my grandma had a bowl of vanilla ice crème with strawberries on top.

What I found interesting was that this place was your typical Chicago hot dog stand and what I mean by that is that they’ll give you a hot dog with everything on it but if you ask for ketchup, they’ll bring you the bottle to put it on yourself.

From The Tropical Republics

The service was good and I enjoyed the nostalgia for it all. I’ll return back, rest assured, but not because of a funeral. 

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