Thursday, May 19, 2011

True Lies (1994)


Harry Tasker has been living a secret life as a government agent and assassin for years hidden from his wife Helen. However, when Harry discovers that she might be having an affair he calls on his intelligence resources to find out who this other man is but when he assigns her a phony mission things spin out of control. A militant terrorist kidnaps his wife and a couple of nuclear warheads and threatens to bomb Miami if his demands aren’t met. Harry must find a way to break the news to his wife and save the city of Miami before it becomes a smoking crater. This is the definition of an action flick: great action, a protagonist that’s funny and indestructible, a compelling side story and plenty of humor. Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role as the ‘scream queen’ many times and the film becomes a true relic of action cinema.

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