Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mulholland Falls (1996)


Set in 1950’s Los Angeles, this neo noir crime drama follows Max Hoover and his special squad of LADP investigators that use “special” interrogational strategies. The team is sent to investigate the murder of a young woman who Max had an affair with on the side. As bad memories resurface, the investigation leads Max and his right hand man Elleroy to a world renowned General and scientist who helped with the A-bomb project. Max soon finds himself right in the middle of a conspiracy and secret cover-up of possible mistreatment of U.S. soldiers. This was a great film with a great yet raspy performance by Nick Nolte and Chazz Palminteri does a great job as well. Ultimately, it’s great but I wished they really expanded more on the rest of Nolte’s group since they all seem to show charisma that isn’t fully developed.

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