Thursday, June 30, 2011

Green Lantern (2011)


Based off of the Marvel comic book hero; a test pilot named Hal Jordan nearly saves a dying alien who gives him a mysterious green ring with supernatural powers. Unwillingly, Hal becomes the successor of the alien who is part of an intergalactic peacekeeping squad. At the same time, an interstellar being known as Parallax is accidentally inserted inside Dr. Hector Hammond and soon Hammond as well as Parallax threatens to destroy humanity. Hal must find the courage to be Earth’s Green Lantern. This film could have been great but instead, it became a step up from Fantastic 4 but a step down from X-Men but Reynolds still keeps his sarcastic charm. The CGI was okay but what really bothered me was that it didn’t utilize its villains and heroes properly. I wanted to see Hector Hammond pose more of a threat, but instead I saw Hal beat up band guys in an alley. The film can be easily passed off as a great corny superhero movie but I wanted more.

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