Sunday, April 24, 2011

UHF (1989)


George Newman becomes the owner of a local public TV station when his uncle wins it in a card game. Seeing that the station is limping along he decides to spice it up by creating all sorts of wacky shows and becomes an unintentional hit. The problem comes when R.J. Fletcher, a big corporate media tycoon, tries to prevent UHF from becoming a hit so that he could monopolize the television stations. With its brilliant pop culture parodies, slapstick humor and over the top performances, this film is a treat to watch and really makes you laugh in unexpected ways. There is also a sort of charm and warm-hearted feeling that comes with it. Weird Al is great as always but considering the type of humor that is used, I wonder why and how the film would have turned out had the Zucker brothers co-developed the movie with Weird Al.

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