Saturday, March 12, 2011

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)


Minutes after meteors crash land off the coast of Los Angeles, a Marine platoon is sent to downtown to keep people from panicking. But when an army of alien cyborgs begins decimating everything in sight, the platoon is asked to infiltrate enemy territory to rescue stranded civilians and bring them back to the safe zones. During their journey back to the safe zone, the platoon bonds with their Staff Sergeant who was rumored to have let his company die overseas. This wasn’t just eye-candy and action, which there is a lot of, but it’s something else. It had emotion, character and a great sense of Patriotism. The special effects were excellent and the aliens felt advanced but at the same time they felt primitive, as if their technology wasn’t perfected. It was a great new look at alien invasion movies and I’d say it was the Independence Day of the new millennium.

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