Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scary Movie (2000)


The Wayans’ brothers obvious but clever spoof of 90s horror movies follows a group of idiotic teenagers who are being stalked by an equally stupid serial killer. Coincidentally, the killer shows up a year after the teens accidentally killed a fisherman and disposed of his body. This hilarious movie is funny in all the right places; it combines wit, humor and slapstick comedy with crass vulgar situations. It proved to me that if I can still laugh at this ‘scary movie’ years after I saw it, then it did its job.

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  1. Over the weekend I watched the film Silence of the Lambs in the darkness of my bedroom, alone. With the windows open and my parents asleep, I attempted to provide an environment that would make me the most frightened. Unfortunately, as with many other scary movies super scary movies